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Blog my life #1

So I wasn´t able to write what happened yesterday and the day before yesterday because, I´ll be honest, I wasn´t in the mood to write, I just played and deranked in CS GO :(.

Anyway, resuming, Monday it was my bros birthday and I was chilling and went to buy things like food and present (I bought him some gym gloves). Yesterday I was "infected" by CS GO like I was saying at the begining and today after going to gym and get pumped up yeee, I was babysitting a friends daughter and I ate a big Burger and chips as a thanks and I enjoyed.

Tomorow (in 8 hours) I have an Interview at a Uber Company. I hope to work there after 1 year with no job. Wish me luck or something, If I get the job maybe I´ll post updates on Twitter and fotos and shit...

I´m super tired and I don´t think I´m gonna keep writing until after the Uber thing tomorow.

See ya mfs!