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Monday, 3 August 2015

Conspiration Hour#1.Underground

As you all know (no idea) I live in Madrid and I often use the public transport(80% - the underground)to go to work or elsewhere.

On the prime time hours the spanish underground works amazingly well, you won't wait more than 3 minutes for the train to come.

On the other hand, on the dead hours, or late hours you can wait up until 15-18 minutes for a train to come.

The thing that pissing me off is that when you need to get at one place fast, and on paper you will get there on time, everytime, but everytime something happens, and you will late for sure...
I'll give you the examples.
1. At least once a week in the morning (even in prime time hours) something happens with a train and it has a mechanical problem and the people will late at least 20 minutes, but it can't really  happen on the same train line every time, let's be honest....
2. If it's raining, just forget it, go back home
3. On the late hours, almost everytime, if there aren't people on the Underground station, the panel which indicates the time left for the train to come changes. For example, you arrive to the station and the panel indicates you have to wait, let's say 7 minutes. In few moments when they realize that aren't people waiting (just me), they will change to 18 mintues without any explanation...

All of this is the guilty of Marid's Underground system, so don't blame me when I get very late to a date or whatever....xD

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