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Blog my life #1

So I wasn´t able to write what happened yesterday and the day before yesterday because, I´ll be honest, I wasn´t in the mood to write, I just played and deranked in CS GO :(.

Anyway, resuming, Monday it was my bros birthday and I was chilling and went to buy things like food and present (I bought him some gym gloves). Yesterday I was "infected" by CS GO like I was saying at the begining and today after going to gym and get pumped up yeee, I was babysitting a friends daughter and I ate a big Burger and chips as a thanks and I enjoyed.

Tomorow (in 8 hours) I have an Interview at a Uber Company. I hope to work there after 1 year with no job. Wish me luck or something, If I get the job maybe I´ll post updates on Twitter and fotos and shit...

I´m super tired and I don´t think I´m gonna keep writing until after the Uber thing tomorow.

See ya mfs!
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Blog my life

Starting today I wanna blog my life and I´ll try post every day even if there isn´t a lot to say.
My life is most of the time the most borring life you can think about. But sometimes the things go outta control and usually, this outta control things happen without any prior notice. When I say outta control I don´t mean I stay home playing videogames and then suddenly explosions, helicopters, running from the mafia or police, escape prison, waking up in the middle of nowhere, saving the world, stealing or gaining milions of dollars and retire in Hawaii or something.. even though it sounds nice.

In this post I will tell some random things about me and let you know me better.

I understand and talk 3 languages: my primary and I wanna think I know better english than spanish. As you can see my english level isn´t amazing though :)

My favorite videogame is CSGO (+4000hours) where I achieved to hit Global Elite Rank a year ago but now I´m around LE - LEM Rank. I'm not a constant good pla…

Turing Monolith Chaconne

Turing Robot Industries has a project of an futuristic design of a 6.4-inch phablet that I think is insanely nice. At least look at the specifications:
- 3 octa-core Snapdragon processors working in unison (that's a total of 24 cores)
- a 4K screen
- 18GB of RAM 
- 1.2TB  SSD 
- 60-megapixel iMax 6K Quad rear camera
- 20-megapixel dual selfie cam
- 2,400mAh Li-Ion hydrogen fuel cell

So you can use it as a phone, as a tablet, has a kind of standing support, you can watch streams on Internet, you can call, etc, everything with high speed and fast responsive OS.
It says the launch date can be 2018, so if this really launch we have a lot to wait :(

Wtf...I thought I'm gonna live my life like in the movies...for a moment xD

So I receive an email from "MRS YANG WANG" from Hong Kong telling me that he got a thing, like an inside information which we can use to access an inheritance or legacy worth around 12 000 000 US Dollars and she will make all the work involving making me look like a relative of a man who died like 3 years ago in France and left that money. "She" specifies that I can't tell no one about this, she has family and kids and she doesn't want to ruin her life and for that she needs someone who trusts and this is a one lifetime opportunity and blabla . like I stream trusts from my keyboard.

Anyway, right from the start I knew this is a scam, but my brain just dreamed for 2-3 minutes that this was a real thing. I felt like my life will change drastically. This Yang Wang will buy my a plane ticket and will meet her in 3-4 days at the Hong Kong airport. She will prepare me.. like teaching me what to say at the bank or whatever, she will buy me a nice suit. We…

Actually funny call prank

The Warowl decides to prank a scammer live on Twitch

#News07/9/16 - Iphone 7 pro streaming toward North Korea

- all you need to know about Iphone 7


- you can stream any Blizzard game on Facebook

- Xavi salt toward Ronaldo

- Missing person - pressume kidnapped and work for North Korea now