Sunday, 28 August 2016

White Chile

Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt from COLLAB FILMS on Vimeo.

Betcard.62 Got trust in Sevilla

Manchester City - West Ham 1
Bilbao - Barcelona 2
Villarreal - Sevilla 2
Inter - Palermo 1
Fiorentina - Chievo 1
Hoffenheim - Leipzig 1

Final Odd: 62.43

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Image of the day - Patriotic dog

I bought a beer cozy that looks like a ballistic vest and it fits on my dog

Betcard.Insane 449 Odd

Eibar - Valencia 2 (2.90)
Leganes - Atletico 2 (1.53)
Lazio - Juventus 1 (5.00)
Augsburg - Wolsburg 2 (2.65)
Eintracht - Skhalke 2 (2.25)
Borrussia - Bayer Leverkusen x (3.40)
449.7 total Odds

#News26/8/16 - Freedom Backstage instead of Hamilton car

- Norways prison with too much freedom 

- Youtube wants to create a new social expansion named Backstage to compete with SnapChat or Instagram

- Books instead of Pokemons?

- It doesen't matter that Hamilton recieves so much penalty

- 380km (300 miles) with 15 minutes of charge (VW electric car)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Formula 1 it's not a sport...right now. The engineers battle. Idea to #makeF1greatagain

The amazing thing they accomplished was the development of the cars, of the tehnology created, the advance of automobiles through the years.
But as a sport, F1 has lost recognition due the last years at least. Nowdays the car, the engineers and the tehnology make the difference between the pilots; the pilots can barely make any difference between eachother. Only the pilots on the same team can show who is better and this can be questionable too.
A sport is when all contenders start with same chances as the others and distance of the others with their hard work and talent. F1 is a battle between engineers and big companies or car companies. So don't call F1 a sport. I don't know it's a bad idea or not, but better call it :The engineers battle.
So for now I think it's wrong to see any pilot as a legend, a super pilot, to make from people like Hamilton, Vettel or Rosberg idols.
I remember some years ago, when i was watching F1 like crazy, reading all the news every week, wishing Vettel to win every circuit. I know I was blind, I liked the person Vettel seen from TV, maybe his crazyness when he didn't listen to his team in some of his decisions in a race and some skills showed in qualifes. The most part when he was racing for Toro Rosso.

Anyway, when Vettel arrived to Redbull, in 1 year or two started the domination. The car went from good to better to incredible. Same happend with Mercedes and Hamilton. I don't say there isn't any pilot contribution to the car. On the contrary. The contrabution of the pilot is essential too. But once the car is way better than what competition has, the talent of the pilot doesen't matter that much and a few years domination will be happening, making multiple champions in consecutive years like the past 7-8-9 years. If a another pilot had the same car of the champion on one of this years maybe there would have been another champion. We will never know. So is not a real sport when all the pilots can't start with the same chances as others how I said earlier.
In every sport you can have bad days and good days. But look at Mercedes pilots now. If Hamilton doesen't win because of a problem with the car, Rosberg will win. And the others what? that much of a big of difference between humans. Are they that superhumans?..I don't think so.. I know, I'm getting into a fight with Rosberg fans by saying that. In my defence I can say I kinda' hate Hamilton. If Hamilton read this...aa...I don't mean it.

So, if the F1 organization wants to make F1 a real sport I've came up with something. If FIA or who's in charge believes that my next idea is good enough for #makeF1greatagain, they can thank me by offering me a small loan of $1 0000 000 :) and really make F1 great again.

My idea is:

Girls.#25 Jaclyn Swedberg

What do you think about fnatic breakup?

I don't know if Godsent with Snjider and Pronax + Flusha, Krimz and JW will be an amazing combination. Will see in the future. All I know is that the semifinal against Liquid at the last major was an outlandish result. I think if they were to play 10 more matches, Fnatic couln't lost any (at least that was my feeling).
I see pronax as a couch for fnatic, I think Denis and Olofmeister are very talented CS Go players.
Anyway, with all being said. I hope the best for Godsent. Pronax has my respect for what has done in the past at Fnatic and whatever he is doing right now.

#News24/8/16 - Fifa17 new bridge on Netflix with earthquake devices

- New videos with Fifa17  >>>  1,  2

- chinese glass bridge in Zhangjiajie's park

- North Korea has its own Netflix

- Earthquake in Italy today

- list with devices which will recieve android 7.0 nougat update