Thursday, 21 July 2016

Another Q&A in Yahoo Answers

Is mustarbation bad for health?

Is it possible that masturbating makes your penis smaller?

So scared about the world ending on the 29th July 2016 😢😢😢😢😢😢?

#News21/7/16 - Sexual Kickass block fingerprint for 20millions

The CEO of Fox News resigns because of a sex scandal involving Gretchen Carlson who refused to fuck with him

The torrent KickassTorrents shuts down after the owner Artem Vaulin got arrested

Ad-block extension for Edge browser

How to fake fingerprint for access a smartphone

Gotze back to Dortmund for €20m

A joke...

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He said "Can you describe the symptoms?" So I replied "Homers fat, and Marge has blue hair"


How healthy your sperm is - Smartphone APP

Some researchers of a university created some lens less than 1mm thick which clips to a smartphone camera magnifying the image 555 times to spot the sperm cells.
The recorded video may be send it to an doctor to evaluate the heathy of you sperm.
The video will be recorded 5 minutes after ejaculation and can spot the most obvious potential problems.


Hearthstone.Warlock Zoo Deck

I'm having fun with this deck, but just at level 15
Link to my deck

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

#News20/7/16 - Hearthstone alarming Messenger with €120m cars

On 28th of july Blizzard will surprise us with hot new updates (maybe new adventure) in Hearthstone

Alarming Climate Change - Not noticed enough

Messenger hit 1 billion users

Pogba at Manchester United for  120m

Cars announced for Forza Horizon 3

Girls.#24 Gabrielle Grace Epstein

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The list of 23 CSGO gambling sites that are Banned of using steam accounts for commercial purpose

A Valve leak letter is out, showing that third party skin betting/gambling sites are not allowed any more to make a profit with CS GO Skins. They have 10 days to give up with their sites.
Some say that is a 2 billion € market wich Valve will put to an end.
I wonder, like many other CSGO followers, if this will affect the small CSGO Tournaments, 

I like the idea of gambling with skins or money or whatever, but i don't know if exists a way to ensure that an specific site/system is not a scam and it's fair and truly random...
Anyway, the forthwith affected of this shutdown are the youtubers, the streamers sponsored by those betting/gambling sites.

While gambling is a nice idea, I think betting is not good for CS. It can ruin the veracity of the tournaments

The list of CS GO gambling/betting sites is:

Monday, 3 August 2015

Conspiration Hour#1.Underground

As you all know (no idea) I live in Madrid and I often use the public transport(80% - the underground)to go to work or elsewhere.

On the prime time hours the spanish underground works amazingly well, you won't wait more than 3 minutes for the train to come.

On the other hand, on the dead hours, or late hours you can wait up until 15-18 minutes for a train to come.

The thing that pissing me off is that when you need to get at one place fast, and on paper you will get there on time, everytime, but everytime something happens, and you will late for sure...
I'll give you the examples.
1. At least once a week in the morning (even in prime time hours) something happens with a train and it has a mechanical problem and the people will late at least 20 minutes, but it can't really  happen on the same train line every time, let's be honest....
2. If it's raining, just forget it, go back home
3. On the late hours, almost everytime, if there aren't people on the Underground station, the panel which indicates the time left for the train to come changes. For example, you arrive to the station and the panel indicates you have to wait, let's say 7 minutes. In few moments when they realize that aren't people waiting (just me), they will change to 18 mintues without any explanation...

All of this is the guilty of Marid's Underground system, so don't blame me when I get very late to a date or whatever....xD

Inspirational shit from Reebok